Golf is Green

Korowha Kakariki (Golf is Green) Ecological Golf Club Strategy 2022-Onwards 


Nature enriched green spaces where courses and community meet.


We are a catalyst that engages golf clubs and their community into sustainable action.


• Support Clubs to strategically manage their clubs in a sustainable way

• Support Clubs to reduce pests, increase native biodiversity, and develop sustainable water management practices on their land

• Support Clubs to effectively monitor and report on their sustainability and conservation efforts

• Support Clubs to communicate their conservation efforts with their members and wider community

• Connect Clubs to specialists who can provide guidance, resources and funding on the above topics

• Create a network of clubs that support one another and celebrate best practice conservation and sustainability efforts

• Create avenues to support club members and the wider golf community to participate in conservation and sustainability initiatives


What does Success look like-Short Term-by DECEMBER 2024

• 70% of Clubs receive an Ecological Enhancement Plan (26/37)

• 70% of Clubs are connected to their local Auckland Council Conservation Advisor (26/37)

• We see a 50% increase in the number of Clubs who are actively promoting their conservation efforts across their communication channels.

• Korowha Kakariki’s external stakeholder group increases partner engagement to support conservation efforts at clubs

• An increase in membership awareness of club's environmental efforts as measured by the 2nd activation of the club member survey

• The leadership team of clubs are actively working with us to explore ways to create active reporting mechanisms for conservation and sustainability of their club

• Club members and the wider community are engaged in conservation and sustainability efforts surrounding their club